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A Look at Yesterdays Highs and Lows

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Temperature / Humidity
Highest Temperature 26.6 °F at 2:35pm
Lowest Temperature -16.1 °F at 2:21am
Highest Dewpoint 13.2 °F at 11:52pm
Lowest Dewpoint -20.0 °F at 2:25am
Highest Apparent Temp[?] 19.7 °F at 2:21pm
Lowest Apparent Temp -23.0 °F at 2:21am
Lowest Wind Chill -16.1 °F at 2:21am
Highest Heat Index[?] 26.6 °F at 2:35pm
Highest Humidity 89 % at 9:47am
Lowest Humidity 43 % at 2:20pm
Daily Temperature Range 42.7 °F  
Highest Rain Rate[?] 0.00 in/hr at 12:00am
Highest Hourly Rainfall[?] 0.00 in at 12:00am
Total Daily Rainfall 0.00 in  
Highest Wind Gust 11.0 mph at 12:46pm
Highest Wind Speed Average[?] 4.5 mph at 11:15pm
Wind Run[?] 17.7 miles  
Lowest Barometer 30.432 inHg at 11:57pm
Highest Barometer 30.822 inHg at 6:32am