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     We have come a long way since we first set our Davis Pro II weather station up in February of 2011. With the help of dozens of weather enthusiasts from around the world, we have put in some of the finest scripts to bring together our weather we record here and the weather from around the world. Being in the NW part of Pennsylvania, 'local weather' is hard to come by. Buffalo NY is 85 miles to the north and right along a lake front. Not quite the mountains we live in. Erie Pa. is 87 miles to our West and also on the lake front. And then there's Pittsburgh, if you can get TV from there, is 126 miles away and the river that begins in Potter county, the Allegheny, flows thru there... Point being, there is now 'local' weather for us to watch or learn from. Our elevation in the mountains sees to that. We also have one of the better web cams in the area. By better, I mean, it's not of some parking lot or highway, just a veiw of what most of our area looks like... has local temps and radars tuned right into our area and not some metropolitan location. Even our National Weather Service office is 71 miles away and doesn't have the same weather we do here in the hills... We are real proud to bring this local touch to the weather, and couldn't be more proud of the fine growing group of folks over on our FaceBook Page. We currently have over 2,000 follows and bad weather, lol, seems to attrack a few more folks. Especially since they can count on a local look from someone who actually lives in the area and understands a little better what's going to happen as these storms come thru.

     We have plenty of folks from out of the area that stop by daily to the main site to have a look at the Web Cam know who you are, so maybe a little contribution wouldn't hurt either as those images and movies take bandwidth...*smile*

     Never the less, we also have bills to pay for our domain names, hosting, maintenance etc., not to mention the hours per day spent on the main site and then produce a reliable product on FaceBook. So we are asking to put into our system what ever you feel fair for your usage...a nickel a day-$1.50 per month-$18.00 a year? that all works out to a nickle a day and I would hope that you get $18 a years worth of grins and water cooler conversations from our sites...but nothing will be too small and of course, a dime or a quarter a day wouldn't bother us a bit. You can use the PayPal link to help thru your paypal account or to use a credit/debit card of your choosing. You can always send a check also and that address is below...

     One of the folks that became an earlier follower, way back over 12 years ago when our facebook page originated, contacted me at the end of that year. He mentioned that he would like to donate to the cause as he stops by the site in the morning for the forecast and past data, and then again afternoon, along with any posts during the day during active weather. I was real happy to set that up for him and since then, have had a couple of other folks ask for the link. *grin*

     And we are always open to suggestions. You can use the 'Email Us' link at the top of each page or if on FaceBook, just make a post or message me...Always wanting to hear from folks and see what we can do to make your experience on the site informative and enjoyable

     Anyways, do what you can and after you have made a donation, email me or message me on FaceBook 'cause I won't know who sent it in with out that follow up...

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